Geranium tuberosum

Γεράνι το κονδυλώδες

Etymology of Geranium tuberosum: The name "Geranium" derives Greek "γερανός" [yeranos or geranos], meaning "crane". It is the name for the Geranium fruits which have a similar shape to the crane's beak. "Tuberosus" in Latin means "tuberous" because it is a tuberous-rooted Geranium.

There are 7 Geranium species/kinds in the wild Cypriot habitat. An 8th, Garanium pusillum has regionally extinct; it was present in several regions of Cyprus in 1977 according to Robert Desmond Meikle.

Geranium tuberosum separates from the rest primary to its leaves' formation, which are divided and slender, rhombic to oblong linear. Its flowers and petals resemble somehow the ones of the Erodium species, they are mauve and deeply notched. It grows up to 30cm. It grows all around Cyprus and its flowering time is from February until April.

How to identify Geranium tuberosum:

It is the only Cyprus's perennial geranium; it has a tuberous rhizome; its flowers are large, it is the only Geranium in Cyprus with petals more than 1 cm long.

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