Geranium purpureum

Γεράνι το πορφυρό

Etymology of Geranium purpureum: The name "Geranium" derives Greek "γερανός" [yeranos or geranos], meaning "crane". It is the name for the Geranium fruits which have a similar shape to the crane's beak.  "Purpureum" in Latin means "violet, red, reddish" for the dark red colour that it often bears (not always).

There are 7 Geranium species/kinds in the wild Cypriot habitat. An 8th, Garanium pusillum has regionally extinct; it was present in several regions of Cyprus in 1977 according to Robert Desmond Meikle.

Geranium purpureum's flowers resemble somehow the ones of the Erodium species. It grows up to 40cm. It grows all around Cyprus except in the Nicosia and Morphou regions, at an altitude of up to 1220 metres.

How to identify Geranium purpureum:

  • It is an annual plant like most Geraniums.
  • Its leaves are palmately divided to the base, not conspicuously glossy, green or red. Its leaves are wider than the ones of Geranium dissectum but with that species they have a completely different flower.
  • Its stems are leafy.


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